Tap into the past, inform the future, now.

Digimind Historical Search gives you instant insights in one click. Featuring the richest index on the market, it's the only social search tool that provides 24 months of past data and real Facebook archives.

Create winning data-driven pitches, and deliver optimal client results

The most powerful and comprehensive Social Media Search tool on the market, and the only solution that provides real Facebook archives, Digimind Historical Search lets you access social data, past and present, to increase your agency's profitability.

  • Deliver well-researched pitches, based on insights from your client’s digital footprint over the last two years
  • Instantly access and review past conversations amongst potential influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Evaluate past digital campaign and content performance to identify high performing content and channels
  • Quickly analyze your client’s competitors’ content strategies, online reputation, and share of voice.

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