How Social Listening Hinted At Joe Biden's Election Win!

Illuminating The Voices Of Online Audiences

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Data from online voter sentiments and conversations provided one-of-a-kind insights on this US Presidential Election between President Donald Trump, and President-Elect Joe Biden, while illuminating how it all went down.

Joe Biden clinched the Presidency with the flipping of Pennsylvania, A feat he managed with 1.2% - 4.7% polling in his favor for the Battleground State1. This outcome was not unforeseeable, with Social Media & News Media partially predicting this data-backed result.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were up for reelection against their opponents, former Vice President, Joe Biden, and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris. Considered one of the most consequential elections in a century, we took an in-depth look at the conversations, sentiments, and voter intent within blue, red, and purple states, for a comprehensive report on the netizens of social media, and how their online views could be used to anticipate Joe’s victory.

By looking at the subjects that mattered most to voters during a chaotic pandemic and economic downturn - key insights regarding which topics candidates performed better with when it came to users online - we better understood the likely outcome of this election before it was called.

Marketers and insights professionals now have another reason to adopt valuable social listening/intelligence tools that both reveal the real-time trends, mindset, and behavior of targeted audiences, and also help in predicting larger-scale events, like a presidential election or brand crises.

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smarthome (1)
What the key battleground states discussed and how it led to Joe Biden’s win.

What subjects were most important to voters in 2020, and which candidates they believed would address those issues best as president.

growth (2)
The intentions already established online for people who intended to cast a ballot on Election Day, or who had already voted early.
strategy (1)
How Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ personal brand on social media compared to the other side, and how that closely forecasted this political result.
And more!

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