Bridging Gaps in Pharmacovigilance with Competitive Intelligence and Social Media Listening.
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Drug safety monitoring has grown significantly more complex and time consuming, thanks to pharmacovigilance (PV)structures changing and health regulations tightening across different markets at varying rates.


As more consumers take to social media and the Internet to share personal experiences and opinions about using medicinal products, online channels are starting to play a key role in pharmaceutical companies’ pre and post marketing studies. At the same time, the rapid spread of information pertaining to drug related problems creates additional vulnerabilities to a brand's reputation. 

Competitive intelligence (CI) and social media listening tools are thus indispensable to the detection, assessment, and understanding of adverse drug reactions.


This eBook will guide you through the necessary steps to gather and analyze vast amounts of  information, to safeguard your reputation and competitiveness. 

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An overview of PV activities in Asia Pacific, Europe, United States of America, and Latin America.

Key uses of social media listening and competitive intelligence for obtaining and analyzing safety data.

3 steps for enhancing risk management with real-time social media intelligence.

Advantages of chatbots for adverse event monitoring and reporting.
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