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Ranking Top Chocolate Brands on Stickiness in APAC

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the overall growth of the middle class in Asia-Pacific is expected to reach 66% by 2030, up from 28% in 2009. Increasing urbanization and rising purchasing power are leading consumers to care much more about the origin of what they consume, notably chocolate products. They are willing to buy if manufacturers provide quality ingredients.

Over time, changing consumer preferences and lifestyles, evolving eating habits, and global exposure to international chocolate brands have boosted the region's overall chocolate industry. Massive use of cocoa in the manufacture of chocolate confectionery is driving the market growth in Asia Pacific. Nowadays, chocolate confectionery has a central place for special celebrations within these countries, which is driving the demand for more innovative and quality chocolates in the region.

These consumer demands have highlighted opportunities within the industry, where consumers are expressing cravings for a healthier treat and more innovative product. With these new trends, companies working around chocolate are being pushed to take a strategic approach by diversifying their offerings to meet the nuances of consumer needs.

Get key insights into what customers are saying about chocolate brands on the web and social media. What products should be developed, or what marketing campaigns should be run to adapt to new customer demands?

Digimind's industry report examines current customer conversations about different companies selling chocolate products and the impact of marketing campaigns on consumer brand awareness.

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