Levelling Up Opportunities in Asia Pacific’s Gaming and eSports Industry on Social Media

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Once a niche online culture, the video games and eSports industry has evolved into a global phenomenon worth US 71.4 billion a year in Asia Pacific. That’s more than twice that of North America!


One third of multinational companies in APAC have invested in eSports in the past year, and 78% are planning to do the same. Advertisers are moving quickly to capitalize on this ever-growing movement. The goal?

Hit a new high score in reaching and engaging new audiences.

But conquering the eSports and gaming industry is not just about spawning your brand in the middle of a popular eSports tournament like Overwatch or League of Legends. How do you deliver an all-encompassing game experience that leaves millions of impassioned fans with a positive perception of your brand?


And for consumer electronics and gaming tech brands, what steps should you take to reach the top of the sales and innovation leaderboard? What features are gamers coveting the most? What gets them up and rallying behind your brand on social media?

Online networks like social media and forums are a loot box of insights for brands to identify key consumer trends and opportunities for product innovation and marketing.


Discover the top opportunities eSports has to offer, and innovations you should leverage to stay on top of your game in this report.

Unlock this report to discover:

The most discussed gaming platforms, tech features, and streaming sites on social media.


The power of influencers to rally fans and consumers.


5 key gaming personas on social media.


4 strategies for engaging and innovating.