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The Digital Marketing Manager’s Playbooks to Success with Social Media Intelligence
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40% of the world’s population actively use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a result they have become vital channels for brands to reach and convert new customers, while engaging and building loyalty with current ones.

Social media campaigns are a means to achieving overarching business objectives like increasing revenue and brand awareness. However, developing a successful strategy and measuring performance remains one of the top five challenges for marketers.

From defining and optimizing campaign objectives to showcasing performance to key stakeholders, how can marketers leverage social media intelligence to hit their KPIs and more?
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Social Media KPIs for Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Hit those campaign targets! Monitor and adapt your social media activities as you go with these 7 essential social KPIs.

How to Create Effective Social Media Reports for Your Boss

From tracking campaigns to measuring ROI and monitoring online crises, make your social reports digestible and actionable for your colleagues and management.

The Art and Science of Proving Social ROI

Identify the right metrics to demonstrate the effect of your social media campaigns on your company’s bottom line.


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