6 Essential Uses for Social Listening


Want to learn how to leverage social listening and analytics for your brand, or simply to expand your knowledge about social intelligence?

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Today’s experience economy is riddled with ever-changing consumer preferences and heightened demands on brands to create genuine and personal experiences.

With 3.8 billion people actively using social media every day1, many companies are turning towards social data to keep up with and better understand customers. 

Through real-time campaign analysis, trend detection, competitive benchmarking, and consumer insights, learn how social listening and analytics can enable you to improve marketing campaigns and make smarter business decisions.

Plus hear case studies, tips, and best practices on how social media monitoring can deliver impactful business solutions, based on commonly asked questions from clients.

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Building an Influencer Marketing Strategy that Works

The influencer marketing industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Predicted to be worth up to US $15 billion by 20222, up from $8 billion in 2019, influencer marketing has become a common portion in marketing strategies. It’s no surprise given 63% of consumers trust influencers more than brands


You see it every day on your Instagram feed and have probably even ran a campaign or a few of your own – influencers posting about products or services they’ve entered a paid partnership with. But with so much influencer activity happening, how can you be sure that your campaign effectively engages your target audience?

With this rapid growth in industry size, comes equally rapid changes in the landscape, channels, and processes in working with influencers, such as Instagram hiding the number of likes on posts. Plus, with so many influencers and additional variables (such as number of followers, category, etc.) to consider how can you best fit their advantages with your marketing resources to create influencer campaigns that delivers both your KPIs and ROI?


Neal Schaffer
PDCA Social
Vincent Corbo (2)
Vincent Corbo
Senior Account Executive
Date: 29 Apr 2020
Time: 12PM EDT (GMT-4)

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The different types of influencers and how they apply to your industry
  • Steps to identify the right influencer mix for your marketing objectives
  • How to measure an influencer’s network of influence
  • Tips on streamlining influencer management and KPI reporting

Ensuring High Quality Consumer Insights

Consumer insights are customer truths. From helping to personalize communications, understand customer experiences and unmet customer demands, or competitor analysis, consumer insights can provide a wealth of information, allowing companies to better communicate with customers.


According to Forrester, insight-driven organizations are growing 8x faster than the global GDP3. In a digital era where consumer trends and preferences are constantly in flux, we can no longer afford to wait months for insights to be delivered through market research.

While often regarded as martech, social listening tools can do more than track campaigns, influencer marketing, and brand health. In fact these tools are used more and more in conjunction with traditional research techniques, making them a key component of modern marketing research, due to its ability to deliver real-time insights in an instant.


Josephine Peara-2
Josephine Peara
Account Executive
Date: 28 May 2020
Time: 12PM EDT (GMT-4)

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Tips & best practices to set up your consumer insights project
  • Key consumer insights metrics to include in your dashboards 
  • How Digimind can help you to streamline your consumer insights process

6 Actionable Market Trends You Can Identify in 30 Minutes

Trend analysis is used across practices to predict everything from stock prices to the weather. It helps companies to adapt to market changes and to stay ahead of competitors. But just knowing these trends isn’t enough. Companies need to be able to apply them in order to drive change and innovation.


Over the years we’ve seen numerous examples of companies who were once industry leaders, such as Nokia, Kodak, and Yahoo, lose their titles due to failure to innovate. While a known fact to CEOs, this is still happening4. Although most firms believe they are “picking up on signals of change” that might disrupt their lines of business, 42% admit they’re unable to act upon these signals.

Applying trends to your business doesn’t always need to be in the form of a 360 redesign, but can also be done in incremental changes. From unmet consumer needs and consumer behaviors to competitor activity and market trends, discover 6 usable market trends you can track and apply to ensure your company remains relevant to consumers.


Vincent Corbo (2)
Vincent Corbo
Enterprise Account Executive
Date: 25 Jun 2020
Time: 12PM EDT (GMT-4)

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • 6 actionable market trends you can identify in 30 minutes
  • How to apply these insights to your business strategies
  • Steps to create a dashboard with key metrics for trend tracking and innovation

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