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20 Social Listening Strategies for Crisis Management
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65% of brands on social media, feel that social networks make crisis situations more difficult to manage, but 55% also believe they make post-crisis recovery easier. 



Social media can develop and spread discussions across social networks and borders, leading a brand crisis to spread like wildfire. How your brand responds in the event of a crisis, and after can either repair or significantly damage your brand reputation in the short and long term.

A well-thought-out crisis management plan needs social media listening as a radar for any potential situations. Closely monitoring key metrics such as volume of conversation over time, as well as negative changes in consumer sentiment, is crucial in helping brands formulate fitting crisis responses in real time.


Using a social media listening tool helps your crisis management teams detect early warning signs of potential crises, understand the impact of a PR crisis, and take necessary and purposeful actions to protect and mend your brand’s reputation.

This eBook guides you through:

Crisis VS Bad Buzz@2x

The fine line between bad buzz and when a crisis occurs.


20 social media monitoring strategies for identifying, managing, and recovering a brand crisis.


6 major factors that provoke or amplify a brand crisis.


A step-by-step guide for creating and developing a crisis management strategy.

4 Case Studies

4 crisis management case studies.

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