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Diversification Redefining Beauty: Competitive Insights from a Social Listening Perspective

Traditionally, luxury cosmetics were linked with exclusivity, demanding higher prices and an image of being out of reach. However, the beauty industry has experienced a significant transformation, redefining the core concept of genuine luxury.


In the previous year, the luxury beauty sector raked in approximately $62.3 billion in revenue, and estimations project a substantial surge to roughly $87 billion by 2028. This notable transformation has primarily been propelled by two key factors: the upsurge of "masstige" cosmetics and the emergence of celebrity-endorsed beauty labels.

Throughout history, mainstream high-end fragrances have typically served as an initial introduction to the world of luxury goods for consumers. However, in contemporary times, there has been a noticeable decline in the attractiveness of fragrances. Over three years, from 2021 to 2023, the online domain has consistently displayed a stronger inclination towards color cosmetics than fragrances.

Additionally, modern consumers are no longer solely fixated on the price or celebrity endorsements when purchasing "masstige products", but are also attuned to the narrative linked with the brand. While celebrity endorsements have historically held significant influence, the current market sees consumers increasingly valuing the principles and mission a brand embodies.

These shifts underscore the critical need for a comprehensive approach to marketing and communication strategies. Brands must ensure that their messaging is coherent and that their values align with consumers' evolving preferences. Adapting to these changing consumer dynamics will be instrumental in maintaining relevance and competitiveness within the luxury cosmetics market.

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The industry report from Digimind analyzes the current competitive landscape spanning from celebrity-backed masstige lines to niche cosmetic products.

What's covered:
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Analysis of 5 brands that are contributing to masstige brands' popularity
Social snapshot of key industry trends between mainstream luxury perfume brands and color cosmetics
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Social highlights of existing consumer attitudes and perceptions of niche perfume brands
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Comprehensive examination of evolving consumer sentiments and the potential obstacles confronting brands

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