Industry Report

A Social Check-up of Asia Pacific’s Healthy Living Industry

In 2020, brands within the health and wellness market observed a significant upturn in the need for services and products to boost healthy living practices in Asia Pacific.


With Covid-19 accelerating the case for an active lifestyle to proactively build immunity against the novel coronavirus, key practices like mindful eating, workouts, consuming health supplements, adopting health technology, and boosting mental health have come to the fore for consumers.  In response, brands are aiming to amplify their market share in this area by creating customer experiences and products to cater to this growing pool of customers. 

What are the strategies brands should undertake to build a reputation that places customer well-being at the heart of their operations, and trendspot preferences and concerns to capture market share? 

To stand out, brands both endemic and non-endemic to the health and wellness industry must be able to craft and distribute health messages that resonate with a health-conscious demographic.

Digimind's report is a deep-dive into consumer attitudes towards health and wellness amid Covid-19, including social insights on health concerns over the past year, key health trends, and a social media breakdown of top players in health supplements and sportswear retail. 

Social insights to discover:

Key social statistics on health concerns around Covid-19, healthy eating, and fitness activities
Key conversation topics around health and technology
Analysis on the rise of mental health in online discussions in Asia Pacific
Proven marketing tactics for resonating and engaging with health-conscious consumers
Brands analysis
Social media strategies by leading health supplement and sportswear retail brands

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