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Valued at $144.2billion USD in 2018 and predicted to grow to $206 billion USD by the end of 2020, the Global Digital Health market is growing at a CAGR of 27.7%. We believe it will continue to grow & revolutionize healthcare.



The last decade has seen innovations in sectors such as big data, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality accelerate disruption, and digital transformation in consumer wellness and healthcare.

Amidst concerns around security and integrations, digital health is flourishing due to its ability to deliver benefits such as efficient healthcare expenditures, and increased accessibility to qualified medical help for all.


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Positive encouragement from both government and privately funded organizations and collaborations between technology and healthcare companies has accelerated innovation in digital health.

These significant improvements include: better appointment scheduling, immediate test results, improved procedures, and comprehensive treatment plans  – allowing for improved patient experience and enhanced clinical outcomes at lower costs.  

  • What were some of the most prominent Digital Health Trends in 2019?
  • What role are digital health tools playing in providing efficient and affordable health care?
  • Which key innovations should healthcare providers prioritize?
  • How does the future of digital health look like?


This study delves into these questions and outlines the key trends healthcare providers should track and analyze and the opportunities they should leverage to stay competitive.

Read this report to discover the impact and predictions of the following on healthcare:


Big Data & Analytics


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning


Internet Of Medical Things (IOMT)


Virtual & Augmented Realities

...and more!

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