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Optimize Your Brand's Reputation with Social Media Listening

According to a survey by Forrester*, brand reputation is the third most common objective for deploying social media listening tools.


With the total number of social media users around 4 billion – almost half of the world's population – discussions among consumers are increasing exponentially on social networks, forums, and review sites. Thus the stakes have never been higher for companies and PR teams. Who must constantly optimize communications and ensure their brand perception among both consumers and the media is favorable. 

*Forrester's Q2 2018 Global Social Listening Platforms Forrester Wave™ Customer Reference Online Survey

Brand reputation can be influenced by a variety of factors, including corporate leadership, advertising, and even a company’s products and services. It is important to remain vigilant in monitoring all these drivers, as well as be on the lookout for new players and factors.


In the age of social media, virtually every department, not just your marketing and communications department, can have a part to play in the way your brand is perceived. From identifying ambassadors and detractors to pre-empting potentially sensitive situations, the opportunities for leveraging social media listening tools to optimize your brand's reputation in real-time, are tremendous. 

In this guide, discover social listening strategies and best practices, for using real-time insights in three dimensions: brand reputation management, crisis prevention and management, and content strategy optimization.

This guide also explores 12 case studies of how companies effectively deployed social listening in their brand reputation and PR strategies.

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Main challenges faced by brands and PR teams in the age of social media
9 key areas for monitoring your brand's reputation
Key stakeholders and social listening metrics to include in your monitoring
12 case studies from clients in brand reputation management, crisis prevention and management, and content strategy

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