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Understanding the Rise of Stay-At-Home Industries In North America:

Unlocking Insights Through Social Media & Web


What can we learn about the state of businesses during the Coronavirus epidemic through insights gleaned from social media?

Industries making up the Stay-At-Home economy have long provided consumers with services and products that provide value based on convenience and comfort, and now these industries are seeing unprecedented increases in demand and revenue due to the quarantine.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Streaming Services are estimated to increase by 29%, Gaming download and hardware sales have increased by 35%, and E-Commerce transactions in North America have spiked by 80%.*

With the Coronavirus Recession in full swing, what does the current landscape look like for the stay at home industries, and how have they adapted and positioned themselves to leverage the skyrocketing demand for (and reliance on) their products and services?


From gaming and streaming, to dating and food delivery, brands have been forced to adapt in numerous ways in response to an unprecedented paradigm shift in consumer behavior to varying degrees of success.

What have consumers been saying about the companies that make up the stay-at-home economy on social media, and why does it matter? How can brands better position their marketing communications and strategies to not only survive this difficult period, but thrive in it?

In such turbulent and unpredictable times, brands are presented with many opportunities for growth, however they also face significant risks as market shares amongst competitors and even across industries look to shift over the course of this pandemic.

There are tools to help businesses weather this storm. By monitoring discussions online brands can discover invaluable insights on the latest trends and developments in consumer behavior, applicable to brands in any industry.

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